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Teeth Straightening Perth

Do you want to straighten your smile? At EVP Dental, we offer a range of teeth straightening services, including:

  • Fixed braces
  • Inman™
  • Invisalign™
  • Orthodontics
  • Retainers
  • Straightening

Teeth straightening has a range of benefits. Aside from a straighter, healthier looking smile, straighter teeth are easier to keep clean. This means improved aesthetics and can fix problems like crowding, misaligned bites and crooked teeth. Teeth straightening can also result in improved oral hygiene and bite. A consultation with our qualified dentists will determine suitability for treatment. We may refer our patients to specialist orthodontists to ensure you are getting the correct treatment you need.

If you’d like a straighter, healthier looking smile, look no further than EVP Dental. Book an appointment with Perth’s leading dental clinic today!

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