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    An active lifestyle is an integral part of many of our lives and helps us stay healthy both physically and mentally. Play it safe with a custom-fitted sports mouthguard for maximum protection against dental injuries.

    Typical sporting and recreational injuries include a chipped, cracked or knocked-out tooth, cuts inside the mouth or a broken jaw. A custom-fitted sports mouthguard can absorb and spread the impact of a collision and reduce your chances of wearing an injury.

    Ask about a custom-fitted sports mouthguard at EVP Dental in Perth. Depending on your private health insurance policy, your mouthguard may be gap-free for yourself or your child. Book an appointment on 08 9470 3944 or book online for a new sports mouthguard this season.

    Mouthguards Victoria Park
  • Types of Mouthguards

    Wearing a mouthguard while playing contact sports is now mandatory in many schools and sports clubs across Australia, and it’s always recommended. There are three common types of sports mouthguards, however not all of them provide the same level of protection:

    • Ready to wear
      The cheapest option, but also the least protective are ready to wear mouthguards bought from retail stores. These pre-formed mouthguards are not personalised to the individual wearer, so they're more likely to feel loose, bulky and uncomfortable and may affect your speech, breathing or performance.
    • Boil and bite
      Another over-the-counter option, these mouthguards are placed in boiling water and worn to be moulded into the shape of the mouth, however the fit is still looser than a custom-made mouthguard and when it comes to head-on collisions, they are less likely to protect you. Boil and bite mouthguards also need replacing often as they tend to go out of shape quickly.
    • Custom-fitted
      Custom made by your dentist, these mouthguards are designed by taking impressions of your teeth so they precisely fit the contours of your mouth. While they are more expensive, they provide superior protection and comfort and allow for normal breathing and speaking. A custom-fitted sports mouthguard will last for several seasons before it needs replacing, depending on how often it's used, how it’s cared for and whether your bite has changed. It can also be colour matched to your sporting team or your own preference.
    Types of Mouthguards
  • Advantages of wearing a Custom Sports Mouthguard

    There are many advantages to investing in a custom-fitted sports mouthguard. Dentists will always recommend a custom mouthguard because the tailored fit is designed to provide maximum protection to teeth and gums. A custom mouthguard won’t shift around in the mouth like other mouthguards can, and allows you to breathe and speak easier.

    • Fits the exact contours of the mouth
    • Won't shift around
    • Easier to breath and speak

    A 2019 study from Adelaide University has confirmed a link between protruding teeth and a higher risk of dental injury in children. For patients with protruding teeth or those undergoing orthodontic treatment, a custom mouthguard is especially important to protect teeth and gums.

    A custom-fitted sports mouthguard is a small investment to ensure the best protection for your teeth within an active lifestyle.

    Advantages of wearing a Custom Sports Mouthguard
  • HITIQ Smart Mouthguards - Exclusive to Bupa Dental Care Dentists

    We've partnered with HITIQ to access their latest technology in custom-fit mouthguards. It combines head impact surveillance with a custom-fit mouthguard for better protection on the sports field.

    Used by a growing number of professional sporting teams, it's designed to provide data to help protect players 12 years and over from the effects of head impacts during contact sports.

    Sensors within the HITIQ mouthguard detect head impacts, which are collated and assessed. After game play, alerts are sent to your HITIQ app, alerting you to head impacts detected by the mouthguard. Book your consult with EVP Dental today!

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  • Mouthguards for Other Conditions

    Your dentist may recommend a custom mouthguard to treat conditions such as bruxism (teeth grinding), obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder.

    Bruxing or teeth grinding and jaw clenching is most commonly caused by stress and often occurs during sleep. Bruxism puts excessive wear on teeth and jaws and can cause jaw joint issues (where your skull connects to your jaw) over time, including facial pain and headaches. A custom night guard can help prevent damage and alleviate muscle spasms.

    Obstructive sleep apnoea is a sleep disorder that is thought to affect 1 in 10 Australians. Wearing a mandibular advancement device (MAD) to sleep pushes your jaw forward, opening up your airway to avoid obstruction and vibration (snoring).

    TMJ disorder is a condition affecting the jaw joints and muscles attached to your jaws. Symptoms such as jaw pain and jaw stiffness may be alleviated using a custom mouthguard to help prevent clenching and ease jaw muscle tension.

    Mouthguards for Other Conditions
  • Book an appointment for a mouthguard fitting in East Victoria Park

    EVP Dental will design your custom-made mouthguard here in Perth. Call 08 9470 3944 to organise an appointment or book online today.

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Frequently asked questions

A custom-fitted sports mouthguard can last longer when it’s well cared for. To prevent the mouthguard from warping and going out of shape, keep your mouthguard out of direct sunlight and away from heat. Wash it in cold or warm water after use and keep it on its mould to retain its shape.

A custom-fitted sports mouthguard provides the best possible protection for your teeth, gums and jaw while playing contact sports. While more expensive than over-the-counter types, the cost of treating a dental injury far outweighs the cost of a custom-fitted mouthguard.

Most private health insurance policies with dental cover will pay a benefit for a custom-fitted sports mouthguard with little to no out-of-pocket expense to members. It’s best to contact your health insurer directly to check your policy entitlements.

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