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    If you’re looking for the preferred teeth whitening provider in Perth, our team of expert dentists at EVP Dental can give you that brighter, whiter smile you’ve been wanting.

    Our leading professionals will ensure your teeth can be effectively and safely whitened using the #1 patient-requested teeth whitening brand globally, Philips™ ZOOM! 

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    ZOOM! Whitening
  • ZOOM! Whitening Kits from $399

    Our Philips ZOOM! home teeth whitening kit uses a mild concentration of bleaching agent. It's administered under the supervision and direction of a qualified dentist using custom-fitted trays that are worn over teeth. Home whitening kits allow you to have control over how much you want to whiten your teeth and allow you to whiten in the comfort of your own home.

    Teeth whitening won't work on dental restorations such as fillings, crowns or bridges however, it's possible to ask your dentist to replace the restoration to match your new shade of white. 

    Results are best achieved by wearing custom whitening trays every night for one to two weeks.

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    ZOOM! Whitening Kits from $399
  • Why Choose EVP Dental for ZOOM! Teeth Whitening in Perth

    When you choose EVP Dental for teeth whitening in Perth, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Our experienced team are dedicated to providing top quality care whilst making sure you feel relaxed and at ease during your visit.

    Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology and modern dental facilities, making us the leading choice for teeth whitening in Perth.

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    Why Choose EVP Dental for ZOOM! Teeth Whitening in Perth
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    New patients to EVP Dental require a dental assessment, scale and clean appointment to assess their treatment suitability for teeth whitening.

    Existing patients are encouraged to have had a routine check-up within the last 12 months and scale and clean in the last two months to achieve optimal whitening results.

    Not all patients are suitable candidates for teeth whitening and results vary for each individual. 

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Frequently asked questions

Patients can enjoy the#1 patient-requested teeth whitening brand world-wide, Philips™ ZOOM! Whitening. Take-home whitening kit price is $399 and includes:

  • Upper and lower custom-made trays
  • 3x whitening syringes (7.2mls in total)
  • Sensitive tooth paste
  • Whiteing tray case
  • Shade guide & instructions

Professional teeth whitening treatments provided under the supervision of a qualified and registered dentist is unlikely to cause damage to healthy teeth.

As teeth are porous, it's possible for teeth to dehydrate and become sensitive immediately after in-chair whitening. However, this condition is temporary as teeth become rehydrated after 2 to 7 days.

Your dentist will provide you with after-care instructions at your appointment on how to look after your smile. If you're concerned about increased tooth sensitivity, ask your dentist about a sensitive toothpaste to use.  

In-chair teeth whitening that is professionally done by a registered dentist is the safest and quickest way to whiten teeth, it also contains a high concentration of bleaching agent (up to 25% hydrogen peroxide). A dentist is able to check your suitability for whitening, show you the shade you can expect to achieve through treatment and perform the treatment safely – that means properly protecting your gums, soft tissues and any sensitive areas like cracks, receding gums or worn edges that might not be obvious to the untrained eye.

Take home whitening kits can be just as effective when provided under the supervision of your dentist. Home kits contain lower concentrations of bleaching agent (up to 6% by Australian law) so it takes longer to achieve the same result as it would in the chair. EVP Dental uses the #1 patient requested whitening brand Philips ZOOM! which is more cost-effective than in-chair whitening using the same brand.

Take-home teeth whitening kits provided by a dentist are very safe and effective. There are many online retail outlets selling home whitening products that don’t work or that may pose a risk to patients who are not suitable for teeth whitening. When used inappropriately, these DIY whitening kits can cause irreversible damage to teeth and gums.

Yes, if your dentist believes you’re a suitable candidate for teeth whitening. Contact EVP Dental about whitening options for sensitive teeth and what can be done to alleviate any sensitivity experienced after treatment. In-chair whitening at EVP Dental includes a post-treatment gel designed to reduce sensitivity. Your dentist may also recommend using a sensitive toothpaste at home.

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