• Dentures From $1800

    Whether you're missing a few teeth or you need a full arch replaced, modern high-quality dentures are an affordable treatment solution.

    Modern dentures at EVP Dental are carefully designed. Find out more about dentures by booking a consultation with our experienced dentists in East Victoria Park, call 08 9470 3944.

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  • Types of dentures

    Dentures can replace any number of missing teeth. They may stay in place by suction, by clasps attached to remaining teeth or secured with dental implants placed in the jaw bone.

    • Full acrylic dentures – replace all teeth
    • Partial cobalt chrome (metal) and acrylic dentures – replace several teeth and attached by metal clasps
    • Implant-retained dentures – a full acrylic denture secured on two or more titanium dental implants
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    Types of dentures
  • Advantages of dentures

    Dentures can be a cost-effective and long-term option for replacing missing teeth. Other advantages include:

    • Dentures are affordable to maintain and don't usually involve surgery.
    • Partial dentures don't involve altering your remaining teeth like a dental bridge would require.
    • Dentures require less healing time than implants.
    • Denture are removable and easy to clean.
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    Advantages of dentures
  • Implant-retained dentures

    Implant-retained dentures may be a suitable upgrade for existing denture-wearers looking to secure their denture. Using dental implants to support a denture will increase stability, comfort and retention. They also provide stronger biting forces and support jaw bone health.

    With implant-retained dentures, you’re able to chew easier, enjoy all foods, experience better digestion, speak easier and avoid discomfort from rubbing dentures. Our dentists will sit down with you and make sure you understand the pros and cons of dentures and the alternative teeth replacement options so you can make a fully informed decision about treatment.

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    Implant-retained dentures
  • Immediate dentures

    If you're having dentures for the first time and have some natural teeth to be removed, you'll require immediate dentures. 

    • Consultation and treatment planning
    • Impressions and smile design
    • Try-in of your new smile
    • Tooth removal and denture fitting
    • Final denture check
    • Denture reline
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  • Conventional dentures

    If you are an existing denture wearer and you're experiencing pain, infections from rubbing or loose-fitting dentures, it may be time to replace the one you have. The treatment process for a conventional denture is as follows:

    • Consultation and treatment planning
    • Impressions and smile design
    • Try-in of your new smile
    • Fitting your denture
    • Final denture check
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    Conventional dentures
  • Recovery & aftercare

    Wearing dentures can be a big life change, especially full dentures, and it can take a few weeks or even months before you become used to them. Even well-fitting dentures can feel sore for a time, but if you have severe pain, swelling or bleeding, contact our dentists for a check-up.

    Dentures should be cleaned daily using soap and water and it's important to keep up a good oral hygiene routine to keep your gums and any remaining teeth as healthy as possible.

    Our dentists will check your dentures during your regular check-ups and we can make adjustments or repairs whenever these are needed.

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    Recovery & aftercare
  • High-quality, Natural looking Dentures in East Victoria Park

    At EVP Dental, our highly skilled Prosthetist crafting high-quality, natural-looking dentures for patients. Using the latest techniques and technology to design cosmetic and implant-supported dentures.

    EVP Dental only use locally-based dental labs and none of our work is sent overseas.

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    High-quality, Natural looking Dentures in East Victoria Park
  • Book an appointment for dentures in East Victoria Park

    The cost of dentures start from $1800. To find out whether dentures are right for you, call 08 9470 3944 or book your appointment online.

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Frequently asked questions

The cost of modern dentures in Perth varies depending on the type of dentures you choose and the number of remaining teeth to be removed.

Costs can range between $1800 and $4000 approximately, depending on the quality of the dentures and the experience of the dental technician or prosthetist making them.

At EVP Dental, our resident Prosthetist, Donagh McDonagh has over 30 years’ experience designing artificial teeth and dentures. Our practice only uses high-quality dentures made of high impact acrylic designed to withstand an increased biting force and reduce the risk of damage. 

If you're not sure whether dentures are the right choice for you, our Victoria Park dentists can also explain teeth replacement options using dental implants and dental bridges to help replace missing teeth and restore the function and aesthetic appearance of your smile.

Contact EVP Dental on 08 9470 3944 or book online for a consultation today.

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