How to Care For Dentures

How to Care For Dentures

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Dentures may be artificial, but it's just as important to keep them as clean as natural teeth.

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Dentures may be artificial, but it's just as important to keep them as clean as natural teeth. Not only to avoid bad breath and stains, but also to protect the gums underneath.

Your dentist can help learn how to care for your dentures to keep them looking good and lower your oral health risks.


Why denture cleaning is important

Cleaning your dentures isn't just important for removing leftover traces of food, but also bacteria in plaque that can build up on dentures just as it does on natural teeth.

Daily denture cleaning helps to prevent plaque from spreading to your gums or surrounding teeth. This can lower your risk of developing oral health problems such as gum disease or tooth decay.

Gum disease is associated with a number of health problems elsewhere in the body – including diabetes, heart disease and stroke – so improving your oral health can also help you to lower overall health risks.


Cleaning your dentures

How to clean dentures

The Australian Dental Association recommends brushing dentures twice a day, both morning and in the night to keep them clean.

Dentures should be cleaned using a soft-bristled toothbrush, but not toothpaste, as this may scratch or damage their surface. Instead, use mild liquid hand soap or a denture cleaning solution from the pharmacy.

Take out your dentures before cleaning and hold them over a sink containing water or a towel to cushion them if they drop. Brush all surfaces thoroughly to remove food and plaque build-up.

Your dentures should be soaked daily in a container with cold water and denture cleaning solution. This helps to remove bacteria and disinfect the prosthetic.

Dentures need to be removed each night and either stored in a dry, safe place or in water overnight. This helps your mouth to rest and prevents your dentures from cracking.


Cleaning your mouth

While you shouldn't use standard fluoride toothpaste with dentures, you should continue to use it to clean your mouth after removing your dentures.

Gently brush your gums, tongue and any other parts of your mouth that are normally covered by your dentures twice a day. This helps to reduce bacteria and prevent infections and bad breath.

If you still have some or most of your natural teeth, these should still be brushed and flossed just like you always have.

More ways to protect your oral health

As well as brushing, other important preventive care measures include:

  • following a healthy, balanced diet
  • cutting down on sugar, as this feeds bacteria in plaque
  • drinking plenty of water to help rinse and hydrate your mouth
  • using a mouthwash, if this is recommended by your dentist
  • quitting smoking and drinking alcohol in moderation to lower your risk of gum disease, dry mouth and oral cancer
  • seeing your dentist twice a year for regular check-ups and hygiene treatments


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