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Periodontal Treatment

At EVP Dental we realise that a very delicate balance exists in your mouth between health and disease. Your saliva is very important in maintaining this balance and protecting your mouth from disease. If your saliva fails to protect because of poor flow or reduced quality then disease can quickly develop. It may result in sensitivity, tooth wear, decay, increase in rate of gum disease and increased infections in the mouth.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease in its early stages is commonly referred to as gingivitis. During this stage a plaque build-up surrounds your tooth and gum line and begins to attack supporting tissues.

What signs are there that your saliva is not protecting your teeth?

Dry feeling in your mouth, difficulty in eating and swallowing, change in taste sensation, bad breath and sometimes stinging or burning sensations.

It is often obvious to your dentist or hygienist that there are signs of poor saliva quality or low saliva flow rate and this can be checked as part of your normal check-up appointment.

What are the symptoms?

The gums may become sore and inflamed and potentially bleed during brushing and recede along the tooth. In the later stages of periodontitus the bacteria penetrates deeper in to the gums to attack surrounding bone and ligaments which is the major cause of adult tooth loss.

What is involved?

The key is treating this early. At EVP Dental we can provide you with oral hygiene services and teach you techniques to try at home. If more serious the damage cannot be reversed in its entirety, however it can be effectively treated to stop the disease spreading.


Gum disease is exceptionally common and many adults will experience it at some stage through their lives. A thorough hygiene routine including daily flossing and brushing and early detection through regular check-ups is the most effective way to prevent and stop gum disease.

Contact our helpful staff at EVP Dental to come in for a regular check-up or if you have any concerns about your gums to organise a consultation.

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