• Dental Implant Pricing & Costs

    Our dental implant packages are designed to meet both your aesthetic goals and financial needs. Please use these dental implant prices as an indication of treatment costs only.

    For an accurate quote on dental implant treatment, please book a consultation so we can take diagnostics and assess your suitability for implants.

    Call our dedicated clinic, Perth Dental Implant Centre on 1300 108 133 for more information on dental implant pricing and costs, and to discuss our flexible dental implant payment plans with Zip and Afterpay.

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    Dental Implant Pricing & Costs
  • Single Tooth Implant Prices From $4250

    Single tooth implant treatment includes:

    • Surgical placement of an MIS seven implant
    • A titanium abutment (option to upgrade to a customised abutment for complex case $200)
    • CAD CAM milled monolithic zirconia crown (option to upgrade to a porcelain layered zirconia crown $400)
    • X-rays during treatment*

    *Starting price excludes 3D CBCT scan of $217. See below for more information on 3D CBCT scans.

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    Single Tooth Implant Prices From $4250
  • Full Upper Denture and Lower Implant-Retained Dentures From $10,000

    A cost-effective and popular choice for full denture wearers wanting increased stability and retention of their lower denture. Price starts from $10,000 and includes:

    • Upper and lower denture
    • Surgical guide
    • Two titanium dental implants
    • Lower denture soft reline
    • First and second stage surgery
    • Titanium abutments
    • Lower denture remodelling and placing attachments
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    Full Upper Denture and Lower Implant-Retained Dentures From $10,000
  • Upper Implant-Retained Denture From $20,000

    An upper jaw bone is much softer than a lower jaw and normally requires a minimum of four dental implants to support a denture. Treatment for an upper implant-retained denture using four implants includes:

    • Upper denture
    • Surgical guide
    • Four titanium dental implants
    • Soft reline
    • First and second stage surgery
    • Milled titanium bar and overlay
    • Denture remodelling and bar attachment
    • Clinical radiographs (excluding 3D CBCT scan)
    • 6 months of follow-up appointments
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    Upper Implant-Retained Denture From $20,000
  • All-On-4® Dental Implants From $21,000 per arch or $40,000 for both

    A titanium-reinforced acrylic bridge is placed within 1-3 days of surgery and may last 2 to 5 years on average or longer: 

    • Surgical placement of four Nobel Biocare dental implants using the All-On-4® protocol
    • Four titanium abutments
    • Titanium-reinforced acrylic bridge
    • All clinical x-rays (excludes 3D bone scan)
    • 6 months of follow-up appointments
    • 5-year warranty on titanium frame and dental implants, 2-year warranty on acrylic teeth* 

    Warranty is subject to attending implant reviews, six-monthly check-ups and hygiene maintenance appointments.

    *Hospital and anaesthetist fees are not included and subject to individual circumstances and private health cover.

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    All-On-4® Dental Implants From $21,000 per arch or $40,000 for both
  • 3D CBCT scan $217

    Before proceeding with dental implant treatment, we require a 3D cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scan to check the amount of available jaw bone.

    A bone scan determines your suitability for dental implant treatment and also allows us to recommend the most suitable treatment options for your needs.

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    3D CBCT scan $217
  • Consultation with Dr Norcross $65

    Includes a full assessment of your mouth, photographs and treatment discussion. Patients with private health insurance and dental cover may be able to claim part or all of this cost.

    Dental treatment is tailored to individual needs and costs vary between patients, depending on case complexity. At EVP Dental, we believe in no hidden costs, so following your consultation with Dr Norcross, you’ll be provided with a fully itemised treatment plan that includes all appointments and x-rays. 

    EVP Dental offers interest-free and flexible payment plan options with Zip (up to $30,000*) and Afterpay to help you access treatment sooner. We're also a SuperCare provider and can also assist with applying for early release of superannuation to pay for treatment.

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    Consultation with Dr Norcross $65
  • Implant Pricing & Cost Factors

    The cost of dental implants in Perth can vary depending on several factors including:

    • Number of dental implants required
    • Implant system used
    • Tooth materials used
    • Position of the implant in the mouth
    • Whether additional procedures (such as bone or gum grafting) are required
    • Whether additional or longer implants are required
    • Sedation choice
    • Private health cover

    Call 1300 108 133 to book a consultation with Dr Norcross, who will be able to provide you with an accurate quote as well as any health fund rebates and payment plan options that can help you access treatment.

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    Implant Pricing & Cost Factors

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